A Personal Challenge


Actions for Everyone

There are a few things that all of us should be doing to restore  civic virtue:

  • Pray
    • Personal Prayer
    • Pray for our leaders
    • Pray for Revival
  • Register to Vote
    • Remember if you move, you must re-register – especially if you move to a new county
  • Read the U.S. Constitution & Declaration of Independence
  • Inform yourself on issues and candidates
  • Speak Biblical truth to elected officials - winsomely
  • Vote for the candidate most aligned with Biblical Values
    • Vote in the Primary (March)
    • Vote in the General Election (November)
  • Leverage your sphere of influence

Going the Extra Mile

These activities are not for everyone, but each of us should choose a few so that each one carries his own load.

  • Sign the Manhattan Declaration
  • Participate in the National Day of Prayer
  • Register others to vote
    • Participate in a voter registration drive
  • Participate in your Precinct Convention for your party
    • Submit resolutions

    • Be a delegate: Senate District Convention
    • Be as delegate: State Convention
  •  Communicate on important issues and legislation
    • Write letters to your elected officials or better yet CALL
    • Attend a Town Hall
    • Use social media to inform others on issues
    • Write letters to the editor
  • Participate in civic and political clubs, groups, & organizations
  • Watch Monumental
  • Volunteer as an election official
    • Election judge
    • Election clerk
    • Poll watcher
  • Participate in a campaign
    • Walk your block/neighborhood

    • Staff a telephone bank
    • Help out at campaign headquarters
    • Donate
  • Be a candidate
    • Start small
      • Precinct Chair
      • City Council
      • School Board
    • Think big
      • State Legislature
      • State Senate
      • State Board of Education
      • Congress
      • Senate